Fresh Salsa

Posted on 27 Mar 2013

Salsa is something I make a quite frequently with the tomatoes and other veg. I usually have sitting in the fridge and most often it gets eaten with tortilla chips or put on top of nachos.

While the authenticity of my recipe is probably debatable, it’s pretty much a pico de gallo or a kind of salsa fresca.


Amount Ingredient Notes
3-4 tomatoes depending on their size
1 onion red or white
4-5 jalapeno peppers or hotter –such as Serrano or Habanero, or a combination thereof
1 lemon, juice of or 1 lime
½ teaspoon kosher salt or to your taste
~1 tablespoon cilantro or flat-leaf parsley chopped
1 shot tequila this is optional, but adds a little punch to the salsa


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